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Pura Sattva in Guatemala

Region: Country: City: Lago Atitlan
Website: http://www.purasattva.comEmail:
Tel: +150249169162
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Pura Sattva was created to open up the passage to the journey inside our selves; here we can find the key to unlock the door to our divine light and we are able to express our true being and discover the infinite possibilities of our potentials. Pura Sattva is an individual experience directed towards releasing fears of the physical world and pursuing a relationship to the Divine. We learn to let go; to surrender; to shed the layers by creating more space in our body and our mind….We come Alive.

If you desire to venture on an inspiring journey; relax the mind and focus on tranquillity, we invite you to spend one week in absolute bliss on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Through the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Self Expression Workshops, Healing arts and overall healthy living Pura Sattva unique Retreats allow you to focus on self-introspection and the exploration of your inner potential.