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Himalayan Yoga Institute

Region: Country: City: Kullu Valley
Tel: +44 (0) 7969157994
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Find out more about the Himalayan Institute yoga certification programs if you are planning on training to be a yoga teacher. We offer highly comprehensive yoga teacher training courses in India and Croatia. Have you been looking for a hatha yoga teacher training? Or an vinyasa flow yoga teacher training? Our unique appraoch combines the best of both schools and will above and beyond offer an insight into the mysteries and secrets of spiritual yoga, Kundalini yoga, the science of breathing and pranayama, mantra and meditation – as taught by the Himalayan masters.

We also offer yoga holidays in India, Croatia and the UK.

Our yoga retreat holidays are all designed to accommodate a rather small number of participants, which allows for lots of personal attention. And besides yoga, we offer an optional Indian dance workshop (in all locations) and life coaching, including advice on diet and nutrition. Our wellness retreats will help you restore your sense of health and well-being.

Find out more about our yoga retreat in India or the yoga retreat in Croatia and dates and prices . We also organise yoga holidays UK and various other locations in Europe. Please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to receive information on upcoming courses, yoga events and weekend yoga retreats as well as articles on the practice of yoga and meditation, the benefits of yoga and news from the yoga community.

Regular yoga classes in London are offered as well, and a variety of related yoga events and yoga workshops. The classes run by the Himalayan Yoga Institute in London are designed to suit the varying needs and interests of students; and to accommodate the complete beginner through to the more experienced yogi.

In addition you can sign up for Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching sessions.