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Cancion del Corazón Eternaculture Centre

Region: Country: City: Vilcabamba
Website: http://www.eternaculture.netEmail:
Tel: 593 96 936 0211
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The Cancion del Corazón Eternaculture Centre is a facility whose design and purpose combines beauty, function, and conscious living. Cancion del Corazón translates to “song of the heart”, and Eternaculture is the marriage of permaculture with abiding spiritual awareness. Among the principles embedded in its philosophy are “my life is my spiritual practice” , and “I am in interdependence with both the natural world and the spiritual realms”.

Vilcabamba rests at 5000 ft elevation in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, about 5° south of the equator. The climate is as good as it gets, and is commonly referred to as “eternal spring”. It is known as the “Valley of Longevity”, and the “playground of the Incas”, where Incan royalty would go for rejuvenating retreats. This theme carries forward to present times, it is a healthy environment that energetically supports self development and spiritual awakening.
Cancion Del Corazón Eternaculture Centre is ideal for groups of up to 12 people. We have various accommodation options, and can provide vegetarian meals and housekeeping services.

The tranquil Santuario de Luz space is a beautifully articulated group event space with both indoor and outdoor areas, great accoustics, and majestic vistas.

We are passionate about sharing our vision with couples. Life partnerships actively create human destiny through their co-creations, earth stewardship and progeny. Activated and inspired couples create a much brighter future.

We offer a flexible couples immersion retreat pr for individual couples or groups of up to 3 couples, and for stays of either 2 weeks or 1 month. Come stay with us awhile and we can commune together, and with earth and spirit. Enrich your relationship with daily practices that you can devote to together, with clear communication, and with mutually held aspirations and skills for evolving together. Nourish yourselves deeply on the pristine Andean air and water, and with wholesome, vital, organic foods.

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