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Tip about… Yoga Certificate Training with SRI LOUISE

18. – 31. August 2014

Sri Louise returns to Slovenia to offer a unique, in-depth Yoga exploration. This 50 hour certificate course will concentrate on functional alignment for Asana, developing awareness through physical inquiry. We will explore and improvise with sequencing, using the sun salutation as a choreographic base to create new ways of engaging the asana vocabulary.
A somatic approach to Asana is one in which the form is understood from the inside out, somatic applications allow for an internal authenticity not dictated by aesthetic dogma.
We will also explore the vision of Vedanta for philosophical ground. Vedanta is rooted in the Upanisads and is esteemed as a means of knowledge for knowing the nature of the self. This self is timeless, changeless and ever present and allows for a self-stability in an otherwise deeply precarious time…
Participants will also be introduced to the Sanskrit Alphabet in order to have access to traditional chants used to invoke higher ground. Kirtana, call and response style singing will also be used to free the voice and enliven the space!
This workshop is open to Dancers, Yoga Teachers, Actors, Philosophers, Social Activists and Somatic Practicers as well as Yoga Students wishing to deepen their self practice, both somatically and cognitively.

Plus weekend retreats – 1st weekend / HUM- Soča (near Tolmin)- 22nd, 23rd& 24th AUGUST, 2nd weekend / Iški Vintgar – Kiron (Radomlje)- 29th, 30th, 31st AUGUST