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Article about… Why Iceland

Iceland is one of those places that somehow got wedged into my unconscious mind and has become a place I must visit. I’ve seen the pictures of the crazy Northern Lights, the gorgeous waterfalls, the ocean cliffs. I’ve read about the energy infrastructure where greenhouses dot the landscape, natural geo-thermal activity heats the country, and hot springs abound. I’ve listened to Bjork.

But that can’t explain it all. Not really. There is something else to this hidden desire that I don’t even know about myself. Something that I hope will reveal itself during our trip there.

As a traveller of the world, I pay deep attention when something like that speaks to me. It is like a notice from the universe. It is akin to tuning in to your own soul and hearing it speak to you. This is what happens in the best case, when you’re deep in your yoga practice, or deep in your meditation, and all of the sudden, hidden things start to reveal themselves. Things about yourself that have been unclear, clarify. Judgements shift. Wonder emanates. You must listen to these tendrils of noise from inside. It is dangerous to deny the voices from your soul.

I’ve followed these voices around the world many times. I’ve had people tell me this is crazy, or strange, or simply ‘out of the box,’ because this life doesn’t look like other lives. But the one thing that is sure to kill the soul or the spirit, is to listen to the doubting voices of others. Sometimes you simply have to hear a strange sound in the night and follow it. Follow it wherever it leads you…

For now, it leads to Iceland. The land where the names look so hard to pronounce, where the people look both kind, and slightly reserved, as people would, who live on a remote island.

The place is renowned for its geothermal energy, which they use for everything from baking bread, drying fish, heating parking space, heating outdoor pools and of course, heating houses and green houses.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to go to Iceland and to teach Energy Medicine Yoga there, is this fact of energy sufficiency. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. But sometimes we feel full of energy, and sometimes we feel depleted. Why is that? Over in Iceland, we’re going to explore the powerful energy that is simply present in the earth for tapping into. We have the same ability to tap into hidden reserves of energy, both from the earth itself, and from our own bodies. We’ll explore this concept deeply and learn to work with and dance with this energy in order to balance, heal and thrive.

The other extraordinary event that we hope to encounter is the Northern Lights. We’ll be in Iceland during prime viewing times. The Aurora Borealis (named for the goddess of dawn and the Greek name for wind) are caused by the collision of charged energetic particles with atoms in the high altitude. This begins on the sun’s surface with an ejection of a cloud of gas. Once this gas cloud collides with the magnetic field of the earth, it causes the particles to become charged and when they collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere, they create this incredible display of color, moved around by magnetic fields. We will spend time meditating under this charged sky, but more than that, we’ll see if it’s possible to channel and harness that huge energy, into a more subtle, useable form of energy for our own bodies. We’ll experiment with the power and energy of the universe, harnessing and bringing home this ability to generate all the power you need to fuel your best life.

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