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Have you ever been in a Yoga class and envisioned yourself up there sharing some amazing article with the class or thought that a different pose would have beautifully followed after the one you were just in? Do you think your intuitive understanding of the body and your ability to connect with people are attributes to make a great teacher? Well they are, but somewhere along the way your inner voice perhaps started listing reasons as to why you could never be a teacher. More often than not this voice has a tendency to talk our way out of things more easily than talk our way into things. A lot of that is fear based. Whether these fears are based in societal expectations, instilled from our parents or just plain lack of confidence, we have the power to overcome them. Practicing and teaching yoga allows your true nature shine through. So if you connect with any of the below, it might be worth asking yourself could I be happier doing what I love?
1. If you are always posting inspirational quotes about life on Facebook.
Finally there is a medium for us to share our beliefs and spread those empowering words from that poet, author, politician or whomever it is was that inspired you. Is your daily mantra reading and or posting something of inspiration to you? This speaks to the teacher inside of you wanting to spread knowledge to those in your community.

2. If you’re daunted by the thought of getting up every day and donning your corporate clown suit.
Ladies think of the daily damage you are doing to your feet with those high heels.

3. If sitting at a desk all day is numbing your sit’s bones and your brain.

4. If you’re always giving your friends, family or coworkers advice about how to find joy in their lives.

5. If YOU are seeking more joy in your life.