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Story about… Sharing Yoga

I feel so much gratitude to be able to share what I love so very much on the yoga retreats I have been leading at the beautiful Dahlonega Spa Resort in Dahlonega,Ga. since 2005. I created my first retreat to build community within the yoga studio I was director at. That was the first of many blissful weekends of healing and laughter. Since then, I have led 15 successful retreats always bringing together wonderful souls from different places all with their own stories. Lasting friendships and memories are always made along with deep healing. It is always amazing how a short weekend can make such a difference in our lives! I have had participants completely new to yoga right along yoga teachers all finding their own expression of yoga with grace and joy.

The property is sacred American Indian ground that naturally facilitates deep healing through it’s beauty and energy! As soon as you hit the long driveway leading to the beautiful property, you totally decompress!

When one retreat ends, I joyfully start planning the next. How lucky I am to call this work! Life is definitely good!!!!!!!

If you feel like a trip to the beautiful North Georgia Mountains or want more information on my retreats, feel free to visit or email me at Be happy!