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Magic yoga retreat in Puglia Southern Italy £870

Magic Yoga Retreat in Puglia, Southern Italy

Region: Country:
City: Martina Franca
Start Date: 08/01/2015 • End Date: 08/08/2015
Duration: 7 days

21 Day, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh €1,795

21 Day, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

City: Rishikesh
Start Date: 03/01/2015 • End Date: 03/21/2015
Duration: 21 days
Designation/Certification: , ,

Writing Immersion in Tuscany US $1970

Writing Immersion in Tuscany

Region: Country:
City: Siena
Start Date: 05/10/2015 • End Date: 05/18/2015
Duration: 8 days

Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mykonos Greece £1,020

Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mykonos Greece

Region: Country:
City: Mykonos
Start Date: On going • End Date:
Duration: 8 days

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Yoga Vacations in East Bali – Develop Mind-Body Awareness

Simply Yoga
(9 Listings)

Latest listing 05/06/2014

Italy June 8-15, Come Back to Yourself in the Magical Italian Countryside

Yoga + Art
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 09/30/2014

Develop Mind-Body Awareness – East Bali

Yoga + Chanting
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 03/14/2014

Yoga, Conscious Cooking & Holistic Living in UK

Yoga + Cookery/Nutrition
(1 Listings)

Latest listing 03/27/2014

Yoga, Fitness & Detox Retreat in the Austrian Mountains

Yoga + Detox
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 03/21/2014

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Sicily Italy

Yoga + Local Excursion
(3 Listings)

Latest listing 03/28/2014

Yoga Retreat and Adventures in Paradise

Yoga + Meditation
(5 Listings)

Latest listing 03/12/2015

Relax and Restore Yoga Retreat – Granada, Spain

Yoga + Pilates
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 11/05/2014

Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mykonos Greece

Yoga + Spa
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 04/17/2013

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Detox Weekend Retreat – Marsh Farm House

Yoga + Special Interest
(5 Listings)

Latest listing 05/06/2014

4-Day Yoga, Pilates and Walking Retreat – Bangor, Wales

Yoga + Walking
(2 Listings)

Latest listing 04/13/2013

yoga natura Cruise in the Mediterranean, South Turkey

Yoga Cruise
(1 Listings)

Latest listing 04/13/2013

Sally Parkes Laxmi Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training
(11 Listings)

Latest listing 10/19/2014

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Sally Parkes Laxmi Yoga Teacher Training

Article about... What is Shaktipat?

Shaktipat (Saktipata) is a Sanskrit word from the Hindu/Yoga spiritual tradition that refers to the spiritual energy that creates, sustains and directs all life. Shaktipat is used to define “Spirit” or “Kundalini” as an awareness within us that is also all around us, in everything, everywhere, all the time. It is the spiritual force that [...]

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